Asus Chromebook 302

2017 could be the year where Chromebooks start competing directly with Microsoft and Apple laptops.  In the past, Chromebooks have been fairly basic with few frills and features. Mainly, they have been and easy way to access your online life. This year that is about to change with the introduction of Android apps and Chromebooks the are built at a more premium level.

Asus has brought to the market a great laptop/tablet commonly referred to as a convertible laptop.  This laptop, (starting at $499) isn’t the cheapest on the market but offers much more than your traditional Chromebook. It has a similar build quality to Windows based alternatives and still comes in at a lower price point. Here is a helpful review from the guys over at chrome unboxed.

FYI, has updated its listing to fix the problem referred to in this video

You can currently purchase this Chromebook directly through Asus (Here)

You can also purchase it through Best Buy (Here)


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