Samsung’s New Chromebooks

Samsung is starting off 2017 with a very strong contender in the convertible laptop arena. So far it seems to be the Chromebook to beat if you have around 500 dollars to spend.

There will be two versions of this convertible available: the pro and the plus version, the main difference between the two being the processor.  The pro version will have an Intel processor and the plus version will have a mobile processor or Arm processor.


Dan Ackerman over at CNET put together a nice review of the Pro version

Neither the pro nor the plus version is available for purchase just yet but they are both coming soon.  The plus version can be preordered on Samsung’s website (click here to see it) and the pro version should follow a few weeks after the plus launches.

If you are in the market for a new Laptop or Tablet you may want to look at this as a very capable solution to combine the two.

Another intriguing Chromebook that has just been released is the ASUS Chromebook flip 302 – (click here for more info)



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