Scribble Press

Hi my name is Lily and I will be talking about  one of my favorite apps. It is called Scribble press and it’s a writing app. I love it so much.You will love it to! It is so much fun!

The first thing you have to do is pick a topic (it is a hard decision).My favorite topic is wizard school,there are 37 topic’s to choose from! Here’s a picture showing some of the different topics you can choose from:


The next thing you have to do is make your author profile. You get to chose your portrait and write your author name.


Now it’s time to write your story. Start by drawing or picking your picture. Then fill in the blank spaces. Repeat this until the book is done. You can go back and record your voice and add music also.


In the top corner you will see a button that says “done”. Click on it to save your book.   The reason I love this app so much is it makes it easy for me to create fun stories and use my imagination.  Thanks for coming to kids news! Come back soon!


Available for

iOS (click here to install)


Android (Click here to install)


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