Questions about the Samsung Chromebook Plus

Since I posted the article about the Samsung Chromebook plus I have been getting emails and texts about whether or not it is a worth while purchase.  I don’t have tons of details right now about benchmarks or multitasking speed, but I did come across one quick benchmark done when Samsung was first showing off the laptop.  In the benchmark tool octane, they claimed that it got a score of right around 10,000.  That score would compete well against many of the current tablets and phones on the market, and in fact beat most of them. This means that anything meant for Android should run very well and without any hiccups.  The Pro version on the other hand, has not been benchmarked from what  I can tell but benchmarks on other laptops running a similar m3 processor can be used as a substitute.  Currently the HP g1 with a similar screen and an m3 processor gets an octane score of just over 22,000 so in essence it doubles the processing power of the Chromebook plus.  If you are going to use the Chromebook plus for light browsing and Android games and apps, then I think it should be a great buy especially since it is effectively $350 bucks.  If you are going to use the laptop for tasks more taxing than that, it may be advantageous for you to wait for the Pro version with an Intel processor.  I hope this helps all of you to decide weather or not this would be a good product for you.

Here is the link for the sale at Best Buy

Deal – New Samsung Chromebook Plus Save $100


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