Basics – Google Pixel

Getting a new phone is exciting but for many people it can be overwhelming to figure out how to utilize it’s features. Here are 10 things to help you settle in to your new Google Pixel Phone.

  1. Unlimited Backup.  Did you know that your phone will back up all your Photos and Videos in full original quality for free?  Just open the google photos app, log into your account, and your photos and videos will start backing up when you are connected to wifi. screenshot_20170214-110356-01
  2. Shoot in 4k.  By default your phone is set to shoot video in 1080p but your camera can shoot in 4k, meaning higher definition, more detailed, better quality images.  Make sure you go into the settings to change this so that you make the most out of your camera.screenshot_20170214-105816
  3. Stay secure.  Register your finger print with the phone so that others who pick it up don’t have access to your personal information.  Once registered, just touch the reader on the back of your phone and in less than a second your phone will be on and ready to use.screenshot_20170214-105851
  4. Be Organized.  Don’t have apps icons everywhere, know where they are when you need them.  Drag an icon over another icon and it will make a folder. You can have as many folders as you like and name them and organize them in a way that works best for you. screenshot_20170212-151515
  5. Long Press.  In Android 7 you now can access quick actions for an app by long pressing the icon.  This allows your to accomplish tasks in less clicks.screenshot_20170214-105909
  6. Let Google Assist you.  Google Assistant is baked right into your pixel ready to help you with anything from turning on your lights to setting a timer.  Just long press the circle at the bottom middle of your phone, and ask her a question.screenshot_20170214-130105
  7. Do not disturb.Have you ever turned your phone on silent and forgotten to turn it back on? Did your girlfriend call you ten times then rush over to make sure you weren’t dead?   This can be solved by using “do not disturb” mode.Just swipe down from the top to reveal your quick settings and click on the button that looks like a circle with a line through it (it also says do not disturb under it).Set the timer for how long  you would like your phone to be silent.  Once the time is up your phone will automatically go back to regular volume (you can also set up automatic rules).screenshot_20170212-152152
  8. Swipe Down.  The fingerprint reader on the back of your phone is also a way to access your menu without shifting your hand.  Swipe down on the reader and it will show you your notifications, swipe again and you will see your quick settings.nexus2cee_swipescan_loop1_thumb
  9. Personalize.  Change your background image. This has been a feature for a long time but it is worth a mention.  Just long press anywhere on the screen where there is no icon, click on wallpapers, and choose one that matches your style.screenshot_20170214-105943
  10. Don’t get spammed.  Google has integrated spam phone call protection into the pixel. Any call that it thinks is spam will show up in red and is labeled suspected spam caller under the phone number.  If you get a spam call and its not labels as such just go into your call history and long press the phone number, choose “block number” and from then on it will be blocked from your phone and it will be reported back to google as a spam caller.screenshot_20170214-093756

Hope this helps you settle into your new Pixel phone and allows you to get the most out of it!


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