5 Things I Want – Chromebooks

Chrome OS has evolved over the last few years.  (See this article about the evolution of Chrome OS).  It has gone from being essentially just a web browser to a full featured OS, ready to take on Mac and Windows – Almost.  Here are 5 things I would like to see on my next Chrome OS device.

  1. Let me access the Desktop.  There is a desktop on Chrome OS. It is there and shows me a nice background image, but it is essentially useless.  For most users that is where we put our most used files and programs.
  2. Give me space.  I’m not taking about cloud storage, although that’s nice to have. As more functionality is introduced into these machines, 32 GB is not even close to being enough for internal storage.  I’m hoping the next Chromebook Pixel starts at least at 128 GB.
  3. More apps beyond just the basics. I know that Android apps on chrome is not even here yet but that is only the first step.  Encourage application developers to make robust apps.  I’m looking at you Adobe!
  4.  Installable OS.  This could go along way to expanding the base.  Allowing users and amateur system builders to build customized machines and convert old machines over to Chrome OS would expand what is possible with the platform more quickly that just OEMs rehashing the same machines.
  5. Give me Steam.  This point goes well with my previous few.  Google, please give Gabe a call. He has already started to lay the ground work for games in Linux. Chrome OS is Linux based. It would be easy.

Right now Chrome OS can do about 80% of the things I want to do on my computer, and it does that 80% flawlessly, but with just a few steps further it could be at or near 100%


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