Better Gaming in Windows 10 coming soon – Merging Xbox and PC


Microsoft is currently preparing for a massive update.  This will be included in what Microsoft is calling the Creators Update.  This was announced last year and has been getting updates via the insider channel for developers and tech enthusiasts.

The gaming part of the update will allow game developers to take better advantage of the system resources of the computer by minimizing the other parts of the system when a game is running.  This is similar to how the Xbox uses it resources.  If you haven’t noticed, the Xbox has about the same performance as a PC using a 3 year old AMD APU.  The reason games run smoother on less powerful hardware is the ability for the system to allocate a greater percentage of processing power to the game.  Microsoft is looking to harness more fully the power of the processor and graphics cards.

Another feature that Microsoft is touting is called Beam. Microsoft would like to be the default way for users to stream their gameplay to their friends.  Beam connects to an Xbox Live account and uses that back end to connect users to their entire xbox friends list, with the ability to instantly share gameplay with them.

They are also looking to integrate other Xbox features in to windows.  The additions to windows will help to blur the lines between Xbox gaming and windows gaming, which up until this point have been completely separate from each other.

source – xbox blog


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