Don’t curve my phone screen!

Samsung seems to have gone all in with the curved screen.  Starting with the S6 edge, they have been pushing harder to make this the defining feature of a Samsung phone. I hope that this trend does not move to other cell phone manufacturers. It is not a good feature!

To me, it feels like more of a liability than a feature. There is a small novelty of seeing the LCD actually bend around the side without any practical use.  One the other hand there are many downsides.  First off, they are almost impossible to protect. Cases can’t do much to protect the sides, so if you drop your phone, you are almost guaranteed to hit the screen unless it falls flat on its’ back. Time and time again I have people asking me to fix their broken screen on their S7 edge, and the impact point is almost always on the curve.The second problem I have noticed is the distortion when images are show around the curved area.

Just give me a flat screen on my phone!  All the features that are touted on the edge phones can be accomplished similarly on a flat screened phone.  Plus, on a regular flat screened phone i am able to put a tempered glass on the front that in no way impedes the use of the phone followed by any case of varying protection.  Once those two accessories are combined on one phone it is much less likely to be broken.

In conclusion, I love having a feature rich phone that I can easily protect instead of a gimmicky curved screen that most likely won’t last two years.  Please, phone manufacturers, don’t follow Samsung and don’t curve my phone screen!

As an added bonus, I have put together a gallery of broken Samsung s7 edge phones.


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