Allo is coming to the desktop


One of my favorite apps of last year is Google Allo and to this day, it is still my messenger of choice with many of my friends.  With that said, it is kind of stuck in limbo somewhere between Hangouts and Messenger.

The answer to this problem is simple. Google should make Allo to Android what  iMessage is to iOS.  Make it Androids default messaging app.  Make it so that it interacts seamlessly between other messaging apps, but like iMessage, when you text someone else who is also using Allo, it automatically activates the enhanced features that Allo users enjoy.

Recently announced on Twitter by Nick Fox, google is planning on bringing Allo to the desktop in the future, but it is in development. Bringing Allo to the desktop is the first step, but I would still like to see it replace messenger as the default phone texting client.

source – google


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