5 things I want – Chromebook Pixel 2017

I have had the current Chromebook Pixel for about 2 years and it still runs like new. However, Chromebook trends have changed and I would love the next Chromebook Pixel to take better advantage of these trends. Here’s 5 things I want from a 2017 version.

  1. Tablet with a detachable keyboard – Two examples of this come to mind, the Surface Pro/Surfacebook and the Pixel C.  Both would be good options from a design standpoint.
  2. More Native Storage – Lets get real with storage.  32 GB is no where near enough storeage.  I use a 256 GB SD card in mine as secondary storage.  Lets bump the minimum storage to 128.
  3. An Integrated Stylus – After playing with the Surface and the new Samsung Chromebook Plus, I think a stylus is very useful for many varying tasks, especially if more advanced apps come to chromebooks, ie Photoshop.
  4. Fingerprint Reader – This functionality is coming soon in Chrome OS 58.  I would love to see this on the next Chromebook Pixel.
  5. More Robust Native Google Apps – With the introduction of the new Windows 10 creators update, it would behoove Google to work on their core apps to better compete with Windows and Mac

Over the last few years, Google has slowly added much needed features to the Chrome Operating System.  I would love to see google show off what they can do with the next Chromebook Pixel.


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