Approved! Google to start construction of their new campus

Two years ago, Google announced their plans to build a new campus located in Mountain View, CA near it’s current headquarters and they’ve finally been given the go ahead to get started on construction. The new building will be two stories tall and about 595,000 square feet.

Below are the images of what the campus should look like.

charleston-east-would-be-located-near-the-googleplex-googles-famed-headquarters-in-mountain-view-californiaheres-the-view-of-the-building-from-the-westscreen shot 2017-02-28 at 93618 amthe-most-distinctive-part-of-the-building-is-a-canopy-like-structure-it-regulates-the-climate-inside-checks-air-quality-and-ensures-it-doesnt-get-too-loud-insidewhile-google-would-have-to-remove-about-160-trees-to-build-the-new-campus-the-plans-include-replanting-trees-and-offering-plenty-of-other-green-space

source – business insider


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