Netflix now works in Linux!

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Online streaming has been a sore spot for me while using Linux.  There are many pros to using the Linux operating system and the benefits grow with each update. However, one major downside is that if I want to stream a video, I have to move to a different machine.  While this might seem small, the lack of Netflix gives my Linux machine the sole role of being used for work related tasks. When I read this on the Netflix tech blog I immediately had to try it on my Ubuntu and openSUSE machines. Ubuntu worked immediately and openSUSE did not but I’m sure it will with some configuring.   The more robust an OS is, the better chance it has of being used by more people. The addition of Netflix moves Linux one step closer to being the one machine for a broader base of users.

Since then, we have launched HTML5 video on Chrome OS, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Edge on all supported operating systems.  And though we do not officially support Linux, Chrome playback has worked on that platform since late 2014.  Starting today, users of Firefox can also enjoy Netflix on Linux. – Netflix


2 thoughts on “Netflix now works in Linux!

  1. Netflix always ran on Android, and Android -is- Linux as i understand it, no? I mean it may not be Gnu/Linux or ubuntu or whatever, but it’s the Linux kernel and THAT is what Linux is.


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