April fools day 2017 – All the tech spoofs – Continuously updated


Google Gnome


The Google Gnome page on the Google Store

Google’s Bubble Wrap Keyboard


Google Wind

Netflix Live


T-Mobile ONEsie

Tmobile is actually selling it

Hulu Hu

OnePlus Dash drink

Lyft Mono

Lyft Mono

Google Haptic Helpers

Amazon Petlexa

Contour by SlickWraps

Nvidia GTX G-Assist


Carved screen protector


If you see any more let me know so I can add them to the list


Google just added a bunch more partners – Here is the full list of partners

Google’s list of partners for the Google Home has grown very quickly over the past few months.  Here is a full list of partners with compatible products.
  • YoutTube Music
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Google Play Music
  • TuneIn Radio
  • iHeart Radio
Smart Home
  • Nest
  • Philips Hue
  • SmartThings
  • Wemo
  • Honeywell
  • TP-Link
  • Logitech
  • august
  • Vivint.SmartHome
  • First Alert Onelink
  • Rachio
  • Insignia
  • Frigidaire
  • Wink
Streaming Devices
  •  Google Chromecast
  • Google Chromecast Audio
  • Vizio
  • Toshiba
  • Philips
  • Sony
  • Xaomi
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Polk
  • Raumfeld
Videos and Photos (Chromecast or Chromecast built-in Required)
  •  YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Google Photos
  •  Google Calendar
  • Google Keep
Games and Fun
  •  Mad Libs

source – Google

So many new Android 2.0 smart watch announcements!

This year started off with the LG Android 2.0 watches but much more are coming soon.



Announced today, Fossil Group (NASDAQ: FOSL) will launch more than 300 connected watch styles across 14 brands in 2017. From slimmer and smaller hybrid smartwatches to full-round touchscreen smartwatches with custom AMOLED displays and branded micro-apps, this unprecedented portfolio of fashion-first tech accessories makes one thing clear: By re-imagining the watch experience, Fossil Group has, quite simply, reinvented the watch.

source – Fossil



Diesel On shakes the watch world once again with the introduction of its brand new line of touchscreen smartwatches. Diesel first introduced hybrid smartwatches and trackers in Fall 2016 and is now expanding its connected line-up to include bold, moto-inspired, full-screen smartwatches for its dedicated customer base.

source – Android Police

Michael Kors


Michael Kors (NYSE:KORS), a global luxury fashion brand, is pleased to announce a host of new products and initiatives designed to further the growth and excitement generated by last fall’s launch of MICHAEL KORS ACCESS, the brand’s line of smartwatches and activity trackers.

Misfit Vapor


We’re excited to share that Misfit Vapor will be powered by Android Wear 2.0, the latest wearables operating system available from Google.  Originally announced in January, Misfit Vapor is a design-forward touchscreen smartwatch that gives you everything you need to keep going right on your wrist, including built-in music and GPS, real-time location and activity tracking, and an optical heart rate sensor.

Vapor will be powered by Android Wear 2.0 to provide an evolved, world class software experience to Misfit users.  Our partnership means hundreds of your favorite apps will be available at launch, opening up a multitude of possibilities for Android™ and iPhone users alike.

source – Misfit Vapor

Deal – LG Watch Style – $70 bucks off – for a limited time only $179


The brand new LG Watch, Style, is currently $70 off at Best Buy.  Of the two watches LG recently released, it is the smaller and more basic.  If you are looking for a good smart watch and do not need any sports features, this might be a great buy!

Deal – Best Buy


Wemo smart plug for only 29.99

I have used Wemo brand smart switches for years in my own home (before Amazon Echo or Google Home).  All of the them are still in use today and get new updates from Belkin periodically.  The most recent update was to enable Google Home support.  I have yet to use the smart plug but I would imagine that they are built to the same quality.  If you have an Amazon Echo or a Google Home you may want to take advantage of this sale.

source – Amazon | Best Buy

Nest working on a cheaper thermostat and new security system


There have been new rumors coming from bloomberg.com that Nest is developing a cheaper version of its thermostat. They’re aiming to to get the price below $200 in hopes that introducing a cheaper version will give them a competitive edge in the smart home market.  I’m hoping that they will also make a higher end device that fully integrates a google home interface and has a larger screen that is able to show the results of the Google Assistant’s responses.


Another rumor is that Nest will be introducing a service for home security, building upon the Nest Cam that they currently sell with an added a smart doorbell.  My hope is that they will bring them to market at a reasonable price.

Nest needs to start diving deeper in the the total smart home experience by adding basics like smart light switches, smart plugs, and other smart home related products, similar to what Belkin has with their Wemo line.  It seems like a natural step to add these products to their line up.


source – bloomberg.com

Make any surface a touchscreen


Sony released one of the most innovative pieces of technology at MWC this year.  This projector turn any surface into a 23 inch touch screen, and has the ability to scale up to 80 inches.

This product will be launched first in Europe, for 1499 euros, and at this point does not have a release date for the US.



  • 10-point multi-touch input for projection at 23 inches

  • Expand projection up to 80 inches with automatic calibration

  • Two-way Stereo Speakers

  • Proximity sensor for automatic powering on from sleep mode

  • USB Type-C/micro HDMI ports

69 x 134 x 143 mm
Projector System
13 Megapixels
Approximately one hour usage in continuous video playback mode2

source – Sony


5 things I want – Chromebook Pixel 2017

I have had the current Chromebook Pixel for about 2 years and it still runs like new. However, Chromebook trends have changed and I would love the next Chromebook Pixel to take better advantage of these trends. Here’s 5 things I want from a 2017 version.

  1. Tablet with a detachable keyboard – Two examples of this come to mind, the Surface Pro/Surfacebook and the Pixel C.  Both would be good options from a design standpoint.
  2. More Native Storage – Lets get real with storage.  32 GB is no where near enough storeage.  I use a 256 GB SD card in mine as secondary storage.  Lets bump the minimum storage to 128.
  3. An Integrated Stylus – After playing with the Surface and the new Samsung Chromebook Plus, I think a stylus is very useful for many varying tasks, especially if more advanced apps come to chromebooks, ie Photoshop.
  4. Fingerprint Reader – This functionality is coming soon in Chrome OS 58.  I would love to see this on the next Chromebook Pixel.
  5. More Robust Native Google Apps – With the introduction of the new Windows 10 creators update, it would behoove Google to work on their core apps to better compete with Windows and Mac

Over the last few years, Google has slowly added much needed features to the Chrome Operating System.  I would love to see google show off what they can do with the next Chromebook Pixel.