Amazons new Echo Show

I hope we see Googles answer to this at Google IO next week.


Guess what I’m building today!

I’ve been excited to build an AMD Ryzen machine ever since a leak announced them in the fall of last year.  Well today is the day that I will be able to test it out and see how it compares to the Intel machines I have recently built. Check back to see how it handles.


Android passes Windows


Albeit by just a small amount, for the first time ever, Android has passed windows in market share.  According to, Android passed windows in March and is now 37.93% to Windows’ 37.91%.  This is a tiny percentage and therefore a small victory for Android, but is the first time any OS has surpassed Windows in Market Share, making it quite significant.

Android 37.93%

Windows 37.91%

iOS 13.09%

OS X 5.17%

Unknown 2.85%

Linux 0.75%


source –

April fools day 2017 – All the tech spoofs – Continuously updated


Google Gnome


The Google Gnome page on the Google Store

Google’s Bubble Wrap Keyboard


Google Wind

Netflix Live


T-Mobile ONEsie

Tmobile is actually selling it

Hulu Hu

OnePlus Dash drink

Lyft Mono

Lyft Mono

Google Haptic Helpers

Amazon Petlexa

Contour by SlickWraps

Nvidia GTX G-Assist


Carved screen protector


If you see any more let me know so I can add them to the list

Massive update for Crossover on Chrome OS

Yesterday, Codeweavers released their first update for Crossover since October.  I installed it last night and was very pleased. With this update, there is now much greater compatibility for a broader array of Windows programs running in ChromeOS.  In addition to the increase in the amount of programs supported, they did a great job polishing the interface.

Screenshot 2017-03-30 at 7.46.16 PM

There are two key things that Chromebooks will need to do to take advantage of the new programs now available to it.  First problem that they’ll run into is a storage issue. Most Chromebooks run on 32 GB or less. I installed steam but found that my Chromebook Pixel didn’t have enough space to install most of the games. This will be a huge problem going forward if things don’t change, but the upside is that more storage is cheap. The cost difference between a 32 GB and a 64 GB SSD is just about nothing for manufacturers.  Secondly, as features increase, a Celeron processor is just not going to cut it. I would love to see more manufactures use the M series processors from Intel.

I have recently written some articles on my opinions on what ChromeOS needs to do to thrive.  If you are interested, here are the links below:

Should Chrome OS evolve?

5 Things I Want – Chromebooks

5 things I want – Chromebook Pixel 2017


Chrome OS and Android users now have access to Office 2013, Steam, multi-windows, and an enhanced GUI. CrossOver Android V.2 is significantly improved from initial offering.

SAINT PAUL, Minn (March 29, 2017) — CodeWeavers, Inc., developer of CrossOver—the easiest, fastest way to run Windows software on Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS—announced the V.2 Tech Preview of CrossOver Android. The latest Tech Preview now gives Chrome OS and Android users access to Microsoft Office 2013, the Steam Client, Wizard101, and other interesting Windows applications too numerous to mention. Additionally, V.2 Tech Preview includes multi-window support for running multiple applications, cut and paste between Windows applications and Android applications, and an enhanced user interface that makes installing applications simpler and more intuitive.

Initially released in August, CrossOver Android was a proof-of-concept for running Windows applications on Android devices. Over the course of six months, CrossOver Android has evolved from a concept with interesting potential to a more developed technology that is rapidly incorporating support for a larger library of Windows applications. It is also bringing the convenience, ease, and interoperability of the full-featured modern Office suite to Android and Chrome OS users.

“I’m incredibly excited about CrossOver Android. The technology is rapidly coming up to speed with our Windows application support for our other software platforms,” exclaims President James Ramey. “The portability and convenience of a Chromebook combined with the library of Windows applications, as well as Android and Chrome applications, will give most end users a complete solution. ”

CrossOver Android is available today in the Google Play Store in closed Beta. Users can request access to the Beta program by signing up at

Free App Friday – Get them while they are free

Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is a unique, fast and challenging autorunner with a colorful twist. Jump, switch and run through expertly crafted levels that will have you running back for more.

Your goal is to switch your color to match the ground as you run and jump from platform to platform. Sounds easy right? Well think again!


– Fast paced running, jumping and switching colors
– Fun jumping mechanics like “double jump” and “head jump”
– Pixel perfect physics
– Stylish, super smooth and colorful graphics
– Non-linear levels with 3 special objectives in each one
– Compete for the fastest time on each level
– Simple two button controls


Vincelot: A Knight’s Adventure

Dive into a fairytale adventure with Vincelot the small knight! Take part in the tournament, visit Princess Paula in the castle and play great mini games. You will discover many exciting things and animations in the kingdom of Dragonstone!


Accompany Vincelot on his fairytale journey through the different locations around castle Dragonstone! While travelling, you’ll get to know many funny characters and even visit Princess Paula’s birthday party. As in a hidden object story book, there are funny, hidden elements to discover. Who discovers the clumsy knight first?


Dive into the colourful middle age and explore Vincelot’s world! Show your skills in archery, find Princess Paula’s favorite balls’ hiding spots or direct the funny band of bards. As a crest painter you can let your fantasy run free and decorate the throne room with your art and many colours. The king and the princess will love your designs!

In each scene there are knightly challenges waiting for Vincelot and the player – exciting mini games! Carefully hand drawn characters and game elements inspire the kids’ fantasy and guarantee a pleasant atmosphere. The controllings are designed to be easy to learn for small squires, but also challenging for big knights.


The colourful sceneries and the varied mini games are carefully aligned to the needs of young and old fairytale fans and become an educational and exciting fun for everyone. A calm fairytale narrator supports the story without annoying or disturbing the player. Soothing music and lovingly designed animations round off the experience and turn it into an unforgettable adventure in the fantastic world of the middle ages. So don’t hesitate and explore the exciting fairytale world of Vincelot!

* Colourful, interactive children’s book
* Explore the knights’ tournament and Dragonstone Castle!
* More than 100 cute, hidden animations
* Funny characters in hand-drawn 2D graphics
* Child-oriented controls and gameplay
* Funny sounds and medieval music


A Dark Room

awake. head throbbing. vision blurry. come light the fire.

– Official Android release of A Dark Room (registered trademark).
– No ads.
– No micro transactions.
– No data usage (playable without wifi)).
– No elevated permissions.
– Made with love by indie game developers





Google sells 2.1 million Pixel phones and now there is a competition to build the Pixel 3

As reported by the Digitimes, Google and HTC have sold 2.1 million Pixel phones to date. At the end of this year there will be a new Pixel released, which is reportedly being built by HTC.  The excitement over the Pixel has intrigued other manufacturers who are wanting to throw their hat in the ring to build the 3rd iteration of the phone.  According to the report, HTC will be competing against LG, TCL, and Coolpad.  If Google were to move away from HTC, I think the next logical choice would be LG as they have the ability to churn out a high volume of phones and would be able to provide quality parts that would rival all others in the industry.


Source – Digitimes

Samsung Galaxy S8 Killer Feature

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has many features that are alluring, but to me Samsung DeX could be the biggest technological leap forward.  If done correctly, DeX could be the beginning steps of your phone taking the place of your desktop computer.  The key to this will be how well the Snapdragon 835 works with the software to create a seamless and fast Desktop experience.