Nest working on a cheaper thermostat and new security system


There have been new rumors coming from that Nest is developing a cheaper version of its thermostat. They’re aiming to to get the price below $200 in hopes that introducing a cheaper version will give them a competitive edge in the smart home market.  I’m hoping that they will also make a higher end device that fully integrates a google home interface and has a larger screen that is able to show the results of the Google Assistant’s responses.


Another rumor is that Nest will be introducing a service for home security, building upon the Nest Cam that they currently sell with an added a smart doorbell.  My hope is that they will bring them to market at a reasonable price.

Nest needs to start diving deeper in the the total smart home experience by adding basics like smart light switches, smart plugs, and other smart home related products, similar to what Belkin has with their Wemo line.  It seems like a natural step to add these products to their line up.


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Make any surface a touchscreen


Sony released one of the most innovative pieces of technology at MWC this year.  This projector turn any surface into a 23 inch touch screen, and has the ability to scale up to 80 inches.

This product will be launched first in Europe, for 1499 euros, and at this point does not have a release date for the US.



  • 10-point multi-touch input for projection at 23 inches

  • Expand projection up to 80 inches with automatic calibration

  • Two-way Stereo Speakers

  • Proximity sensor for automatic powering on from sleep mode

  • USB Type-C/micro HDMI ports

69 x 134 x 143 mm
Projector System
13 Megapixels
Approximately one hour usage in continuous video playback mode2

source – Sony

The Chromebook Pixel is not dead after all!

Looks like Google is still working on the Chromebook Pixel line, they just aren’t sharing anything about it at this time.  I hope this means that we will see a Chromebook Pixel Tablet at this spring’s upcoming Google IO.  Like I have said before, it is important for Google to lead with the Pixel line to show what their operating systems can do, just like what Microsoft is doing with their Surface line.



Let the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors flood in

We have less than a month before Samsung officially reveals the Galaxy s8 but the leaks now are coming in full force.  We seem to know just about everything now about specs and looks of the phone.  I hope Samsung still has an ace up their sleeve so that we will have something unforeseen at the official announcement.

  • Display: 5.8-inch
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB/128GB expandable via microSD
  • Battery: 3,000mAh
  • Front Camera: 8MP
  • Rear Camera: 12MP
  • Extras: USB Type-C

source – evleaks

Google Announces new VR games


Its great to see more games come to the Google Daydream VR platform


“For the first time ever, you’ll be able to communicate and interact directly with the larger-than-life Rabbids embarking on new wacky adventures. This lighthearted game makes full use of the controller to show what Daydream can do, while capturing the humor and antics of the original Rabbids series.”


“Won Standout Indie at the inaugural Google Play Awards in 2016 for their word puzzle game, Alphabear. Beartopia is a fun co-op village game that will bring you together with other players so you can form friendships and build a bustling and prosperous society. It will be Spry Fox’s first foray into VR, and we love indie games like this that push the envelope of what’s possible and bring new ideas to growing platforms. Indies have long been a key pillar of Google Play, and we’re excited to see that continue on Daydream.”


“Try on different VR headsets, and the Virtual Labor System will help you identify a suitable artificial intelligence client match.”

Along Together by Turbo Button is a game about being an imaginary friend. Using the Daydream controller, you’ll help your pal safely navigate treacherous 3D puzzles.”


source – Google Blog

Get a free Chromecast, when you purchase a Google Home

The Google store is running a great deal, when you buy a Google Home and a Chromecast.  Just add both items to your cart and Google will discount your total by 35 bucks giving you the Chromecast for free.


source – Google Store