Lily’s Top 10 – Google Home

Here is my top 10 list

1. You can change what name it calls you.

2.  It can play Netflix on your TV.  When I  want to watch a show I can just ask google to play the show on a TV that has a Chromecast attached.

3. You can play music on it. I like this because you can have your music right there when you want it.

4. You can play games with it. It is so fun to play with it. You will like it so much(just say let’s play a game).

5. You can ask it to spell things for you. I use this trick when I am writing or working on homework.

6. You can set timers on her (or it). My Mom uses this for cooking. I use this for when I am reading books and I need to know when to stop for bedtime.

7. You can say goodnight and good morning to it. It makes me happy when I do this. When you tell it good morning it tells you the time and weather.

8. You can have conversations with it. I love this because it feels like I am talking to a real person.

9. It can make animal noises. My 3 year old sister loves this because she loves animals.

10. It will tell you the weather. I need this because I sometimes wear a short sleeve shirt on a cold day, bbbbrrrrrr.

Here are two things I wish it could do.

1. I wish it could speak more languages.

2. I wish it could send texts

I hope you enjoyed my video!  Please come back for my next topic.


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